Biography Of Chinyere Udoma (Gospel Artist)


Biography Of Chinyere Udoma

Chinyere udoma is a musician was born in October 10/1976 graduated from UNN. Cause« Math come, happily marred with kids, hobby, I love meeting people

Chinyerre Udoma is one of the most popular Nigerian gospel music artists. She is also called ìBig Motherî and ìSister Chiî. Chinyerre is releasing her songs, cooperating with other artists and at the same time she is known as philanthropist. Chinyere was born in Ibadan and started her career in music while studying at school. Like most beginning stars she was a member of a church choir where she decided to choose genre of gospel music and the decision was absolutely right. Chinyerre Udoma knew English not so good therefore lyrics of her debut songs were written in Yoruba. One of the most popular and recognizable compositions of her early period is the song ìAgu Níeche Mbaî which is extremely popular in Nigeria. The real success came to Chinyerre after the releasing of the song ìWind of Gloryî.