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Biography Of Dr. Abel Damina

Dr. Abel Hankuri Damina, pastor and founder, received the vision of Abel Damina Ministries, a.k.a Power Chapel in 1992. God spoke to Dr. Abel Damina to “feed my sheep, for they are hungry; I’m raising a quality people who will stand their ground and not fail me”. It is in total obedience to that calling that has birthed a ministry that continues to bless humanity globally.

abel damina Biography Of Dr. Abel Damina

Power City International Churches has its headquarters at 98 Nwaniba Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria with an ultra modern state of the art facility that seats 5,000 persons. Running 3 services every Sunday, Rev Dr. Abel Damina brings the word of God with power, insight and impartation.

The church also owns its cable television, Kingdom Life Network, which is rated the fastest-growing television network in the region via Free to Air bouquet. Dr. Abel Damina is also the current National Chairman, Pentecostal Fellow-ship Of Nigeria Youth Wing. Dr. Abel Damina is married to Dr. Rachel Damina and together they have three great daughters, the up-coming Triple J Plus singing sensation.

Biography Of Dr. Abel Damina

Dr. Abel Damina



    Man of God, God profusely bless you. Iwas in the service held at the Kings Temple ICGC Takoradi and you have been a blessing since. This is to say you lifted me up from a long silence. God bless you. Would like you to be a mentor in my walk in Christ and be fed from your altar though am in Ghana. I believe adding what you will give me to that of my presiding bishop will help grow me. My expectation on the seeds sown is great as the move was totally by faith. Would be grateful to hear from you though you are busy.
    Again God bless u and my pastor who had the vision to invite you.I will share my testimony for I know its arrived indeed wealth transfer is taking place. My vision is to establish the city of God which i placed on the altar when you were ministering. I know it will surely come to pass.

    Thank you.

    William Donkor, Takoradi

  • John Michael

    Papa You really have been a source I and force of positive change in my life… I wish to be mentored by You Sir. I love You and Mama and also Our own Great (N☃t upcoming but already shining) Tripple ‘J’ Plus…

  • Agnes Dogbatse





  • Anywhere Mukutuma

    I follow you everyday through the tv and Man Of God you are so blessed. Your messages are so rich and they have helped my life. How can i get some of your books and i need them like yesterday

    From Zimbabwe

  • Ape Sewuese Grace

    Man of God,bless you.I watched you preaching and i was bless.I Want you to pray for me so that i will be do his will and boldness to be able to to tell people about his word.And He comes i will rapture with him.thank you as you do it.

  • Ursula N Ndhlovu

    I was watching your service on e-tv (South Africa)…Super natural blessings…I have been so blessed…SUPER NATURAL…

  • Pone Frans Mothibi

    Am young Man in South Africa please prayer for me my business(payphones) is not doing well.

  • labama jacques-elie

    bonjour papa, que Dieu vous bénise pour tout ce que vous faite à travèrs votre ministère partout dans le monde entier. Moi je suis au TOGO,je vous écris pour vous encourager dans votre oeuvre, nous sommes tres encouragés par vos enseignements et vos prédications.
    Que le tout puissant vous bénis.

    Pasteur LABAMA Jacques-Elie Kara-TOGO

  • Enow Awah Georges

    Dr I am happy to find your ministry…….and since from the day i had your first message i was moved by the power of God and you have been a source of impartation in my life……your words and quotes brings out the unspeakable Glory of God in my life.Dr you are a mentor to me and i will be very greateful if i can follow or study with your school of ministry online.I thank God for you.SHALLOM

  • sunday benjamin ogumka

    Sir am one of the followers of your power word, am now am planing to start up my outreach for the ophanage this year,sir all I need is the little potion of that your annoint to make this impect in my world and also I will solicate your suport sir,looking forward to get your reply sir

  • Prophet Nicolaas Neniels

    please send me more information about leadership covering

  • pastor Emmanuel etim.

    Sir, I must at this point say thank you to the Almighty God who had given to this generation a general among generals. You ve brought the word of God to us in its simplicity and also the insightful teachings had made me and my wife to work effectively in the vineyard with fruitful results. I really want to say thank you so so so so very much, may the Almighty God continue to give to you such inspirational and insightful teachings. God continue to bless you abundantly.

  • Misheck Mulimba

    All I can say is that I thank God for you,for you have tremendously changed my life through your teachings. You encourage me through your teachings so much such that even though things around me right now might look negative, I know that my God will turn around my situation for better . I might not have a job or be educated but the fact that am a child of God, my time is coming when the flood gates of heavenly blessings will open over my life. Its not over until God says its over. I believe that my breakthrough is on the way and I will wait upon my God because I know he is faithful. Papa you have really blessed my life and I pray that someday God should accord me the opportunity to meet you for what an honour it will be just so I could thank you in person for blessing my life. My desire is also to someday be trained and mentored by your ministry. Thank you and may God bless you and continue to do so in Jesus name.

  • Rev. Vincent Lungu

    Man of God you are indeed a blessing to many.I can testify that I have always been taken to a deeper dimension each time I hear you speak. I would really appreciate if God allows to be connected to each other especially in the area of mentorship. May God ricly bless you, your family and ministry. Zambia.

  • mrs b chimbala

    Man of God your teachings are an upliftment in my life . You are really a blessing to africa andthe world ove . May your family continue to be blessed . Zambia

  • Phineas M

    This is a true man of God. I can testify that he is led by the Spirit of God. He does not restrain the work and power of the Holy Spirit in all his teachings. May God bless him richly.

  • Kingsley Agena

    Hello PaPa, my spiritual daddy, i just want to use this medium again to say a BIG thank you to you, mama and the Trippe J Plus, you have been a tremendous blessing to me and my family, all through my stay in Akwa Ibom, and even as i was transferred to Lagos, you have always been on my mind, i get blessed each time i play your teachings both on audio and dvd. you will forever be my mentor and i pray every day i wake up that may God almighty continue to bless you and your entire family, and may he continue to give you the unction and anointing to keep up His good works here on earth. Once again i salute you daddy. Kingsley Agena and family…(from NAHCO AVIANCE…Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos)

  • Tarinabo Jones

    I love your ministry and your teachings are my meditation. my first time of seeing you teaching life was at power city convention in February, 2014. am a new member of The Refined People Assembly, aka Grace and Mercy Chapel, Yenagoa. sir, with you our generation will never live in mediocrity, phylosophy and the rudiment of men. thank you sir for answering the CALL despised your achievement in life. sir, i believe that one day i will be previlege to meet with you through Pst Daddyken Bitere. i love listening to your messages everyday.
    sir, Pst DaddyKen is your duplicate. I love you ALL….. you are Really a TRUE FATHER……

  • Tarinabo Jones

    Sir, Please raise more youths for our generation for the work of the Ministry, missionaries,administrators,business tycoons…. Youths are destined to take over territories… This Gospel will be spread through you and more youths will be raised through you. and they will be financial and Spiritual pillars by God’s Grace. Thank you sir.

  • Ugwunna wisdom c

    Im blessed daddy the words i heard u speak refreshed me and added sth special to me when u came for camp meeting at abia poly reformers camp

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